Epiroc FlexiROC T40R Spare Parts

Epiroc FlexiROC T40R Spare Parts

It is a very efficient and alternative surface machine for small and medium-sized quarry works.

Epiroc FlexiROC T40R Spare Parts
Epiroc FlexiROC T40R Spare Parts

The Epiroc FlexiROC T40R is a powerful surface drilling rig that is designed for optimal performance and reliability. It is equipped with a wide range of spare parts, such as drill motors, pumps, hoses, and valves, that make it a highly proficient tool for any drilling project. It also features a two-speed gearbox that allows for fast drilling and efficient operation. Additionally, the FlexiROC T40R is equipped with a dust collection system that helps to keep the work area clean and safe. With its powerful performance, reliable spare parts, and dust collection system, the Epiroc FlexiROC T40R is an ideal choice for any drilling project.

There are several advantages to buying Epiroc FlexiROC T40R Spare Parts. First, they are designed to be more efficient and reliable than generic parts, meaning they will help your drill rig to last longer and perform better. Additionally, they are designed to be compatible with your specific model of the drill rig, meaning they will fit and function correctly, compared to generic parts which may not be compatible. Finally, Epiroc FlexiROC T40R spare parts are often more cost-effective than generic parts, meaning you can save money in the long run.

Technical Specifications

  • Drifter: DHR6 H45, DHR6 H56, DHR6 H68, DHR6 H78
  • Shank: T45E – T51E
  • Hole Range: 76 mm – 115 mm
  • Diesel Motor: 168 kW
  • Compressor: 149 l/s
  • Machine Weight: 14.500


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