Epiroc ROC D5 Spare Parts

Epiroc ROC D5 Spare Parts

Where efficiency and environmental impact are very important, the main application is in aggregate quarries.

Epiroc ROC D5 Spare Parts
Epiroc ROC D5 Spare Parts

The Epiroc ROC D5 Spare Parts are designed to provide customers with complete access to replacement parts for their Epiroc ROC D5 drill. These parts are designed to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the drill, and they are also designed to be easy to install and use. Additionally, the parts come with a full warranty, so customers can be sure that they are getting the highest quality parts and the most reliable service available. Buying replacement parts for the Epiroc ROC D5 is an investment in the drill’s performance and can help to ensure that it remains in peak condition for years to come.

Epiroc ROC D5 spare parts provide a reliable solution for the continued use of your top hammer drill rig. They are designed to maintain the optimal performance of your drill, ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency and reduces the risk of breakdowns. Additionally, buying genuine spare parts from Epiroc ensures that they are of the highest quality and conform to the stringent safety and quality standards set by the company. Finally, by purchasing Epiroc spare parts, you are investing in the long-term reliability of your top hammer drill rig, as well as in the safety of your operators.

Technical Specifications

  • Drifter: COP 1238ME
  • Shank: R32 – T38 – T45,
  • Hole Range: 35 mm – 89 mm
  • Diesel Motor: 168 kW
  • Compressor: 85 l/s
  • Machine Weight: 14.200


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