Sandvik DP1100 Spare Parts

Sandvik DP1100 Spare Parts

Sandvik has taken the well-known DP-series surface drills to a whole new level. The result is a remarkable increase in productivity and the economy.

Sandvik DP1100 Spare Parts
Sandvik DP1100 Spare Parts

Technical Specifications

Hole diameter
89-140 mm (3½ – 5½ inç)
Rock Tools
51-60 mm (2″ veya 2 2/8″) – 102-140 mm (4″-5 1/2″)
Hydraulic Drifter
HL1010 25 kW (33,5 hp)
Flushing air
14 m³ / min 10 bar
18.800 kg


The Sandvik DP1100 is a powerful drill rig that comes with a variety of spare parts. It’s designed to provide reliable performance in a variety of applications, and the spare parts help keep it running smoothly and efficiently. The spare parts are designed to ensure that the drill rig is always in optimal condition, and they also help to maximize the lifespan of the drill rig. Buying the spare parts for the Sandvik DP1100 ensures that you have the necessary parts on hand to keep your drill rig running smoothly and efficiently.


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