Sandvik DQ440 Spare Parts

Sandvik DQ440 Spare Parts

In manual mode, the driver controls all functions.

Sandvik DQ440 Spare Parts
Sandvik DQ440 Spare Parts

Technical Specifications

  • Drifter: HEX1
  • Shank: Hex. 25×108 mm
  • Hole Range: 22 mm – 45 mm
  • Compressor: 6.2m³/min
  • Machine Weight: 4.500


Sandvik DQ440 is a surface machine that uses a hydraulic drifter for drilling operations. It requires several different spare parts, including a hydraulic drifter, rotation unit, and breaker model. Additionally, it requires sandvik drill bits, shank adapters, and other consumables. The specific parts required will depend on the application and the type of drilling being done. The best way to determine the exact parts needed for the DQ440 is to consult the operator’s manual or contact Sandvik directly for more information.


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