Sandvik Ranger 600 Spare Parts

Sandvik Ranger 600 Spare Parts

Hydraulic drifter for the surface. It works with the HL600.

Sandvik Ranger 600 Spare Parts
Sandvik Ranger 600 Spare Parts

The Sandvik Ranger 600 is a state-of-the-art drilling machine that offers superior power and precision. It is ideal for use in challenging terrain, providing excellent stability even in rugged conditions. The machine has a rotatable upper mechanism, making it highly versatile and able to perform a wide range of drilling tasks.

The spare parts for the Ranger 600 are designed to be of the highest quality, ensuring that the machine is able to work efficiently and safely. Customers can expect fast delivery and excellent customer service when purchasing spare parts for the Ranger 600. In addition, Sandvik provides a full range of accessories and parts for the Ranger 600, including oil/air coolers, bypasses, thermal switches, oil thermostat valves, filters, and cooling system types.

By investing in the Ranger 600 and its spare parts, customers can rest assured that they are getting a reliable and powerful machine that will be able to stand up to the toughest tasks. With Sandvik’s commitment to quality and customer service, customers can expect to have a machine that will provide them with years of reliable service.

Sandvik Ranger 600 spare parts are a great way to keep your machine running smoothly and ensure its longevity. These parts can help fix minor issues, prevent larger problems, and improve overall machine performance. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to buying a new machine, and the parts are easy to install. Additionally, if you buy genuine Sandvik Ranger 600 parts, you can be certain that they will be compatible with your machine and will provide optimal performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Drifter: HL600
  • Shank: R32 – T38 – T45
  • Hole Range: 45 mm – 51 mm
  • Diesel Motor: CAT 3116
  • Compressor: Enduro 25
  • Machine Weight: 13.700


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