Sandvik Ranger DX800 Spare Parts

Sandvik Ranger DX800 Spare Parts

Ideal for construction, quarrying, or surface mining, this above-ground machine offers power, precision, and versatility.

Sandvik Ranger DX800 Spare Parts
Sandvik Ranger DX800 Spare Parts

The Sandvik Ranger DX800 is a powerful and reliable surface drill rig that offers excellent stability and performance in even the most rugged conditions. It comes with a wide range of spare parts and accessories that can help ensure peak performance and extend the life of your drill. With easy-to-use controls, a high level of safety, and enhanced operator comfort, the Ranger DX800 is an excellent choice for drilling operations. The spare parts and accessories for the Ranger DX800 also offer an economical solution for extending the life of your drill and optimizing its performance. The durable parts are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and provide reliable and consistent performance for a long time. With a wide range of options available, you can ensure that your Ranger DX800 is always ready for action.

Sandvik Ranger DX800 Spare Parts are essential for the upkeep of your Sandvik Ranger DX800 drilling rigs. As these rigs are used in various applications such as road cutting, pipeline drilling, and open pit mining, it is important to have the right spare parts on hand to ensure that your rigs are always in optimal working condition. Sandvik Ranger DX800 Spare Parts can help you maximize the efficiency and safety of your drilling rigs, as well as reduce downtime and minimize the risk of accidents while drilling. Additionally, Sandvik Ranger DX800 Spare Parts are designed to provide the best performance and durability,  ensuring that your rigs are always ready to take on the most demanding tasks.

Technical Specifications

  • Drifter: HL/HF 820T
  • Shank: T38 – T45 – T51
  • Hole Range: 76 mm – 127 mm
  • Diesel Motor: 168 kW
  • Compressor: Enduro 25
  • Machine Weight: 15.600


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